About DataCamp

DataCamp is the skills development platform for data-driven professionals and organizations with a goal of upskilling in data science and machine learning.

DataCamp features

The Degreed Experience

Through Enable Now and the integration, content maintained by DataCamp will become discoverable in your Degreed environment. To enable the Preview integration, both "Enable Integration" and "DataCamp Preview Collection" must be toggled for DataCamp completions to sync in your Degreed environment.

Enterprise Content will be discoverable when "Enable Integration" and/or "DataCamp Preview Collection" is enabled. An enterprise subscription is required to access the full license-only catalog.

Previous content completed through an individual DataCamp user account is not available through the Degreed sync.

Degreed Types Through Enable Now

The Degreed Manage Integrations permissions are required to activate Enable Now. Any associated subscription and pricing are managed by DataCamp.

  • Courses: Available through a DataCamp sign-up prompt
    • Data Science for Everyone
    • Machine Learning for Everyone
    • Data Engineering for Everyone

Degreed Types and Functionality Available Through a DataCamp Subscription

  • Courses: Access the full catalog of premium courses and content
  • Completed courses in DataCamp will be synced to Degreed
  • Aggregated content completions available in Degreed Insights

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