TED@Work is a content library and curation platform for Learning & Development teams. Select the best TED content for your organization's objectives, and sync it with your internal learning platform.

About TED@Work

TED is a global, nonprofit media company with one mission: to spread powerful ideas. TED@Work is a highly-engaging, blended learning solution that offers practical tools and action-driven frameworks to transform organizations at every level. Use the power and trust of the TED brand to drive engagement and adoption with Degreed.

TED@Work features

The Degreed Experience

Inspire new ways of working with this new program from TED, built natively in Degreed. All content in TED@Work lives and plays inside of Degreed and can be enabled with a “flip of a switch” – no SSO, integration or security headaches needed.

Degreed Types and Functionality Available Through a TED@Work Subscription

  • Pathways
  • Plans
  • Videos
  • Over 650+ TED Talks and TED-Ed Animations with an Ideas Into Action framework
  • Content tagged against the Degreed skills taxonomy
  • Built natively into Degreed
  • English, with subtitles in over 110 languages
  • Collaborative, discussion-based learning tools with Meetings-in-a-Box
  • Content to support DEIB, leadership & management, change management, skill development, well-being, and more

Please note: The TED@Work Previews through Enable Now retired on August 2, 2023.

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