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About goFLUENT

goFLUENT is the world’s leading B2B provider of hyper-personalized solutions that accelerate language and business communication skills needed to build confidence, empower career growth, and establish a more inclusive global culture.

goFLUENT features

The Degreed Experience

Through the integration, content maintained by goFLUENT will become discoverable in your Degreed environment. Learners can access a complete or curated list of goFLUENT language and business communication training content through Degreed.

goFLUENT regularly updates its content library and new content is available in Degreed automatically.

Degreed Types and Functionality Available Through a goFLUENT Subscription

  • Courses: 10,000+ language learning activities to build business- and industry-relevant language skills
  • Completions: Course completions in goFLUENT are synced to Degreed

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