Learn+ with Degreed bridges skill gaps and powers talent marketplace opportunities for growth.

About Fuel50

Fuel50 is the expert partner in skills transformation, driving employee retention and powering unbiased, inclusive, and defensible talent practices.

Fuel50 features

The Degreed Experience

Through the integration, Degreed content appears in Fuel50, bringing an individual's skills, gaps and goals together.

Functionality Available Through a Fuel50 Subscription

  • Courses: Fuel50 fetches course content and the associated skills, which is then fed into their learning recommender AI to show tailored learning to people using Fuel50
  • Opportunities: Fuel50 pushes Gigs data to Degreed that can appear as Opportunities within Degreed for people to take on
  • SSO: Secure authentication for Fuel50 users

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