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Degreed curated Plans, Pathways and original content

About Degreed Meta

Degreed Meta Pathways - over 50 curated Pathways which include original Degreed articles and videos, as well as content from the Degreed Blog.

Degreed Meta features

The Degreed Experience

Through Enable Now, content maintained by Degreed Meta will become discoverable in your Degreed environment.

Both "Enable Integration" and your Bundle choice(s) must be toggled in the Integration modal for Degreed Meta content and Pathways to become visible.

Degreed Meta does not include all historic Pathways that may have been shared with your organization, but instead the most recently-created and relevant Pathways.

Degreed Types Available Through Enable Now

  • Articles
  • Pathways
  • Plans
  • Podcasts
  • Videos


  • Degreed Engagement Campaigns: Pathways related to user engagement campaigns created for Degreed users
  • Degreed Events: Content and videos that support Degreed events and conferences
  • Degreed Meta Original Pathways (English)
  • Degreed Meta Original Pathways (Portuguese)
  • Degreed Meta Original Pathways (Spanish)

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