CredSpark surveys and assessments tool turn compelling experiences into valuable insights.

About CredSpark

CredSpark's products and services help Degreed users measure learning and capture feedback. Whether you need to deliver a quiz or test, or whether you just want to hear from your end users, you can use the CredSpark application inside of Degreed to create and deploy interactive content to engage your learners, evaluate your learning materials, and capture rich troves of data.

CredSpark's team comes from the world of education and assessment and offers professional development as well as consultative support for developing assessment and survey tools: we know adult learning and adult learners and can help ensure your use of Degreed's platform is measurable and effective.

CredSpark features

CredSpark Functionality Available in Degreed

CredSpark has a basic set of features integrated into the Degreed environment so you can easily create assessments, knowledge checks, feedback loops, and more. Anyone with “manage catalog” permissions can launch the CredSpark app, build assessments/surveys there, add them to Pathways or as stand-alone content objects, and easily access/share data. In addition, Degreed customers can:

  • Customize the look and feel of an interaction within CredSpark. Look for the “Design” tab and explore a range of customization options from fonts and colors to button text
  • Share data with 3rd parties. Look for the checkbox on the “Data” tab and offer business leaders or stakeholders immediate visibility into interaction data
  • Use skip logic to create efficient interactions
  • Control the Results View to display answers and explanations to create a richer learning experience
  • Use CredSpark-powered quizzes to award badges with the Credly integration

Functionality Available in Degreed Through a CredSpark+ Subscription

Degreed and CredSpark are proud to offer a CredSpark+ enterprise subscription for those Degreed users whose business needs require even more flexibility and functionality from their interactions and assessments. In addition to standard features, CredSpark+ offers:

  • Governance options to manage access to data and separate content by department or business unit
  • API access to bring data from CredSpark directly into a BI or similar application
  • xAPI access to enrich your LMS/LRS dataset
  • Question Bank
  • More robust functionality including Leaderboards, streaks, confidence-based scoring, a quiz timer, question pools, a file-upload question type, NPS-style ratings and more
  • Advanced Scoring Options such as Category Scoring and more customizable score display in Results View
  • The ability to deliver assessments/surveys outside of Degreed, allowing you to share the same (or new) assessments to contractors or others who don’t have Degreed access while still storing all data in one place
  • Collections and aggregate reporting
  • Advanced Analytics provides clear insights instantly through detailed visual charts that capture the depth of your participants' responses
  • A rich enough feature set to consolidate most, if not all, quiz/survey tools under one umbrella, solving challenges around QA and data management

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